Discover all the advantages of using the organic product in India and natural hair and personal care products

More and more people demand natural and ecological cosmetics, which is less harmful to our bodies and safer. Currently, we are more aware of the products we use and the ingredients they are made of, such as sulfates and other components that are not recommended.

In particular, in the subject of hair, shampoos, conditioners, masks, etc., made with natural ingredients that can restore health to the hair are sought. On sites like Yougee.in, you can find an extensive catalog of totally natural and organic products in India.

Harmful effects of hair products

The products that are usually used for hair can cause various side effects, which not everyone knows. That is why every day, more people go to chemical-free cosmetics and only use natural and healthy ingredients in its composition.

Some of these products, such as shampoo, foam or mask, we use them daily in our hair care routine without suspecting the harmful effects that they can cause.

Most shampoos, for example, carry sulphates, which are what cause the foam to be generated. These are salts, which are added to the shampoo, and that contribute to foaming when rubbing the hair. In addition, sulfates manage to attract hair fat, separating it from hair and skin and achieving effective cleaning.

However, in addition to generating foam and assisting in cleaning, sulfates also cause skin and eyes to be irritated when in contact with them. These are very aggressive elements, which with their continued use, can even end up damaging the hair.

There are various types of sulfates, both natural and synthetic, and they are also present at different levels in shampoos.

Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Products

For example, in shampoos that are special for children’s use, there is a much lower degree of sulfate, while in other types of shampoos, they are used in greater quantity to eliminate dandruff or for other purposes. In general, it is recommended to avoid the use of sulfates in shampoos to maintain the long-term health of our hair.

Other ingredients that can be harmful and are often found in hair products are parabens. The purpose of the parabens is to extend the conservation of the product so that it lasts much longer in good condition.

These are chemical substances, which can be very toxic to our hair and our skin, altering their natural balance. It has even been related to female alopecia.

Synthetic colors, perfumes and mineral oils, included in all types of hair products, such as dyes or masks, also often generate many problems in the skin and hair, such as irritation, allergic reactions, and hormonal imbalance.

Advantages of using Organic Products in India

To avoid all these harmful effects that may lead to the use of chemical ingredients, both in our hair and on our skin, it is best to look for shampoos, vegetable dyes, organic masks and other natural products that do not contain harmful chemical ingredients in their formulation. 

You will win in health

Popular products are formed, among others, by sulfates, parabens, or petroleum derivatives that our body ends up absorbing. They can cause skin irritation, itching, future intolerances and allergies in our skin, vision problems and even a decrease in our defenses. For this reason, using natural, organic (80% natural – 20% non-toxic chemical) or bio (90% natural – 10% non-toxic compound) products will avoid toxic chemistry in our body. Yougee provides organic products that come from organic farming. 

It will improve your scalp

Experts recommend shampooing our hair twice a week. However, many of us suffer other types of havoc in our hair, such as accumulated fat. With organic shampoos, you will enjoy healthier and unfolded hair. The hair will also have more shine and movement, as well as a prettier color, regardless of whether it is a virgin or has been treated with pigments.

However, taking care of the scalp with organic or bioproducts favors healthy skin. It also enhances the correct regeneration of hair and the absence of waste and dead cells in our skin.

You will take care of the environment

With the consumption of natural products, not only will you stay healthy: also to nature. They are biodegradable and, consequently, do not contain synthetic additives or other aggressive components that harm the environment. Take the opportunity to save two lives instead of one when offered!

Positive long term results

As we were saying before, the prolonged use of organic products in India will keep your body staying healthy in all kinds of situations. Pollution is a risk factor to which we are exposed every day, so it is essential to pamper it and avoid the consequences of sweating or harmful substances in our closed environment.

On the other hand, the use of natural and ecological hair products is not harmful to the environment, so we will be helping to take care of it. Chemicals, on the other hand, are not biodegradable and pollute the environment.

Enjoy your authenticity brand: Yougee Cosmorganic

The use of natural products compared to conventional products is equally profitable. Do not be fooled; the difference in price between organic products and chemical shampoos and gels is minimal.

Yougee Cosmorganic, we take care of your hair by providing organic hair care products. Our products are specially designed without the use of any chemicals, so it makes the hair more thick, shiny, and healthy for the long run. 


Also, organic products in India favour long-term hair health. It is true that with shampoos, masks and other hair products, which are usually found, you can see some positive results in the short term, thanks to the chemicals they contain, such as smoother, softer and frizz-free hair.

However, these results will soon begin to disappear. With the use of natural cosmetic products, the hair will be much healthier both in the short and long term.

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