Did you know that most of us incorrectly apply the hair mask? Do you think there is no mystery in doing something so simple? Well, the truth is that there are no mysteries, but there is enough misinformation.

Today we explain everything you have to know to properly apply a Yougee hair mask and get more significant benefits for the care of your hair.

Let’s start with the most basic 

What is the hair mask, and what is it for?

Hair masks are treatments for hair. Its composition abounds with natural assets such as argan oil that achieve different results, such as:

  • Deep hydrate
  • Increase elasticity
  • Provide soft touch and facilitate styling
  • Rebuild the hair cuticle
  • Control the rebellion of curly hair
  • Nourish the hair with vitamins and minerals necessary to stimulate its growth

How to apply hair masks?

Generally, the masks bring a series of indications of how they are applied and how long they should remain in the hair. In summary, we could summarize the application of the mask in the following steps:

  • Step 1. After a regular wash, the mask should be applied on the hair from the middle towards the ends or only on the ends of the hair is very short, preventing the product from reaching the scalp. Very close to the root, the hair has enough nutrients and fats to stay healthy.
  • Step 2. Let it act for the indicated time – it is usually 5 to 10 minutes – and to enhance its effect, the heat helps a lot. You can wear a shower cap and over a towel or just with a towel soaked in hot water.
  • Step 3. Remove the mask with plenty of warm water. Apply conditioning cream and finish the rinse with cold water.

Myths about Yougee hair masks

Myth 1: “The more masks you apply every day, the better results I get”

The masks should be used once a week or every 10 days. Its effects are long-lasting and used daily to make the hair look compact. You can skip that frequency on those days when you go to the beach or the pool. Both environments are very aggressive, and it is okay to give extra care to your hair at the end of the day.

Myth 2: “With the comb or with the fingers?”

When hair is wet, it becomes more fragile. It is best to apply the hair mask lock by lock with our fingers. Preferably before the mirror to verify that we make a homogeneous distribution.

Myth 3: “The longer I let her act better”

Believing that if we leave the mask for hours, we will get better effects that lead to error. After the time that the product recommends, its active ingredients stop working.

Myth 4: “I do not clear the mask completely, and so I continue to absorb its benefits”

Another myth is that you should not remove everything with a good wash. And this is another mistake; after the mask, it is best to do a thorough rinse with warm water and close with cold water. The cold helps to close the cuticle, and the water abundantly removes residues that make the hair dirty before.

Myth 5: “With a hair mask I don’t need to use conditioning cream”

We cannot save in that sense, and we tell you why. Surely you know that the shampoo opens the cuticle thanks to its pH. Once you wash your hair with your usual shampoo and apply the hair mask, just after removing it, it is best to put a conditioning cream because this product closes the cuticle. Thus the nutrients of the cover will remain in your hair for a longer time.

If we talk about the tips for applying the hair mask, it is imperative to use the most appropriate type of mask for your hair.

There is no single product that works miraculously for all types of hair; the products have a unique formulation to enhance or eliminate specific or other properties, so the first thing is to detect the needs of your hair.

The primary function of the mask is to maintain the appropriate level of hydration; if you get used to using the mask as a treatment in your usual beauty care, you will notice a big difference in few applications

When do I need to use a Yougee hair mask?

If you have a dull, dull mane, with an unpleasant and rough texture … it’s time to start the treatment with a hair mask!

Knowing the needs of your hair is not an easy task, but it is the key to guaranteeing the well-being of your hair. Paying attention to external factors that directly affect your state is of vital importance to keep it in perfect condition.

Some daily routines such as the use of the dryer or the iron can be harmful; it is advisable to incorporate products such as the Yougee organic hair mask to avoid dryness and breakage of the capillary. If you react before reaching a catastrophe, by way of periodic and constant maintenance, your hair will thank you. Go for it!

 Surely you’ve heard the phrase of … Adapt or die, well, it is perfectly applicable to hair care. You should know that seasonal changes or some extreme environmental conditions (such as sun exposure, very dry or very humid environments), directly affect your hair, causing more significant dryness or oily sensation.

The mask is a regenerating hair treatment that is recommended to apply to all hair types. The key is to use the most convenient mask according to the kind of hair and the needs of the moment; the objective is to eliminate their weaknesses and strengthen their strengths. So, discover the mask that suits you best; regenerative, repairing, for dyed or wick hair, etc.

What mask is best for me?

If you are a person with dry or damaged hair, the idea is that you apply the organic hair mask, so it will bring shine and texture to your hair, giving it that image of vitality that we all look for. So, if you have oily hair, apply the mask only from the middle of the hair to the ends, avoiding contact with the root and scalp so that you will have nourished and care tips, but you will not grease the hair.

If you suffer from having a sensitive scalp or your hair is treated with treatments such as straightening or bleaching, the perfect option is the mask without sulphates or phosphates because thanks to its composition based on natural elements, it will make itching and tear disappear. It will provide deep hair repair.

In the case of having fragile hair without volume, we recommend applying our hair mask, which will add volume and density to your hair.

Effects of the mask application

However, the mask is a product that deeply hydrates through vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids that repair damaged hair.

The shock effect is when the hair is damaged and damaged. If this is your case, you should apply the mask two or three times a week, during the first two weeks, but remember ! even if you let the mask act longer than recommended, it will not penetrate more, it is more, it does not benefit.


Do you want shiny and silky hair? Then, make use of the Yougee Cosmorganic hair mask which provides complete nutrition and makes your hair shiny. Thus, the hair mask offered by Yougee is entirely organic and contains natural ingredients. 

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