Blondes have more fun, they say out there … If you want it, it is not so difficult to become blonde, and you can take two sessions at the hairdresser to achieve golden hair that never goes out of style.

If it is not your thing, such a drastic change, or of such maintenance, you can opt for the infinite versions of bronze tones, balayage, viscos, and freestyle that are currently used and that look very beautiful and natural … Ideal for spring and summer!

It does not matter the color style you choose, but what you should keep in mind, is that this change of look requires your care, and you have to take advantage that it is easier than ever to keep your hair dyed healthy and shiny. That is why here are some things you can do to keep your hair discolored in optimal condition!

How to Keep Blonde Hair Shiny?

Despite the belief that we need to undergo hair surgery or intensive hydration to make our mane look shiny and healthy, reality has shown that it is not. You only need to perform certain daily practices that will ensure healthy and wave-free hair.

We went from long hair to a slightly softer look. This has meant that many women worldwide have joined this trendy style. However, having short hair implies very delicate care, and usually, those who opt for this cut tend to neglect it.

Dream of Blonde Hair Women

Every woman’s dream is to have bright hair every day, but the reality is that it is much harder than it seems. Women use many products to make their hair shine and silky, but as time goes by, these products get to hurt instead of helping us. On top of this, there are external factors that affect the health of the hair and scalp. Not eating well, being in the sun for a long time, hair dyes, stress, chlorine, dryers, and irons, are just some of the factors that destroy the hair.

The hair has natural oils that help it be hydrated and shiny. When this layer of oil is damaged, the hair loses a life and dries. When we reach 30, oil production in the scalp decreases and slows down, causing the hair to lose its silkiness. Later, at 40, 50, and menopause, hair can become thinner, as estrogen levels in the body also decrease. The hair begins to lose its elasticity, and it is more difficult to control and comb it. So, starting switching to the organic hair products by a brand is better to keep hair healthy.

1. Avoid damage

The first mistake we make is to continue treating our blonde hair as the natural hair that we had a lifetime. One of the most important things to do is reduce the amount of heat you put on your blond hair and also defend it from the damage caused by heat tools using a protective spray, or even a developer cream that keeps color intact.

2. Take care of the color

It has happened to all of us that we left the salon with the hair with the perfect blond tone we wanted, but, after a while, this color begins to turn off and/or orange … To avoid this, you need to use a Yougee nourishing shampoo week by half. Give a little scare the first time you see you use this type of product, but then you will be grateful for the results. This serves both for women who have dyed their platinum blonde hair and for chestnuts that have become viscos since it neutralizes the warm tones in the hair. If your blond hair or freestyle began to look orange, it’s time to turn to nourishing shampoo!

3. Use Macadamia Hair Oil

If you have fine or light hair, a little oil will protect, moisturize, and define your hair. Spread a little  Macadamia oil on your hands and run it through the tips and great means of your hair for some extra moisture, which will help prevent splitting of the tips. Afterward, you will feel that you are coming out of the hairdresser, soft and silky.

4. Be careful with the sun.

Bleached hair can dry very quickly, and the sun speeds up that process quite a bit. If you feel that your hair is dry, brittle, and without a body, it may be to take advantage of the excellent weather. Take a hat or a protective oil for those days when you know you can’t avoid the sun.

If you want to take advantage of lightening your hair a little more, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to your hair and sit for a little while in the sun. But then don’t forget to use a Yougee nutritious conditioner.


Can you imagine a shampoo and a conditioner that have these two super-powerful plants together? Yougee, the world leader in hair care products, decided to reveal the best natural secrets for superior hair care. Inspired by the mysteries of women around the world, we developed a line of products called Yougee Organic Nutritive Secrets. Our haircare products keep your hair healthy and shiny

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