Utilize these Tips and Tricks for beautiful, shiny Hair

We would all like to have perfect hair, but in most cases, there is always something that fails us; The hair curls, the tips open very easily, the hair dries quickly, the hair gets dirty right away, we have damaged hair, we lack volume, it lacks shine … So here I come with tricks that You will find below they are the best ones to take care of the hair so you can put a solution to the problem that brings you upside down (and never better). Welcome!

1. Choose a good Shampoo

Yes, I always repeat the same thing but choosing the shampoo and conditioner well is the most important thing to care for hair. Wash your hair every two days, especially if you do sports and sweat. Just as bad is to wash it daily as very little.

2. Take your time

Do not hurry to clear your mask, leave it for a minimum of 15 minutes, and if you can wrap your head with a hot damp towel to multiply its effect. If you don’t have time, apply a good conditioner.

3. Do not rub

We still have the feeling that the more we rub the hair, the cleaner it will be and the longer it will last. Big mistake. It is precisely the opposite, if we wash the hair with a gentle massage, we will avoid activating the sebaceous glands, and you can lengthen the washings more.

4. Volume the hair without dirtying it

We all know that to get the volume, we need to apply much product, that makes it very dirty. Take a cotton towel, and once you have finished drying, stick it to the scalp and turn 360º. Two on the right and two on the left. This is how light and very useful creping is achieved. Now there is only a little dry or lacquer shampoo in the hair, and that’s it.

5. Detangle always with your hands

For proper care for hair, it is essential to keep the hair cuticle well sealed. Work with your hands when you untangle your hair with the conditioner or mask. With this trick, you get more shine, more softness, less breakage and much more control if you have it curled.

6. The always ionic dryer

An ionic dryer is an essential tool for hair care. This technology breaks down the water molecules in wet hair, turning them into microparticles that hydrate the scalp and hair fiber. Get ready to enjoy the best treatment there is. You will dry it faster, and you will have brighter, healthier, more manageable, much more hydrated hair. It also has a bactericidal effect. Can you ask for more?

7. Repair the hair in one night

There are treatments that in just one application a week give you vitality, brightness, and flexibility. Your results are maintained for 5 washes.

8. If you have a sensitive scalp

If you have a sensitive scalp, you should avoid shampoos with detergent, parabens, sulfates or silicones, as well as calcareous water (for this purpose there are already taps that reduce excess lime in the water). Also, avoid boiling water as well as apply direct heat to the scalp. With these simple guidelines, you will improve in a few days.

9. Does your head itch after dyeing?

Sugar is the best ally if you have itching after dyeing. As simple as applying a spoonful of coffee full of sugar in the bowl where you have prepared the dye. Itching and discomfort are over.

10. “All in one” does work

Of the best hair products are organic hair products, the organic shampoo and conditioner take the best note. It is essential that this product does not carry detergent. You will be surprised by what he is capable of doing in just one wash.

11. How to prevent hair from splitting

To prevent hair from breaking, you should already stop combing it in the wet. Dry the hair without first untangling it. Always direct it towards the ground and help yourself with your hands. When you have finished drying your hair, it will be wholly disentangled, and without having forced it with combs or brushes.

12. Satin pillows for hair care

If you wake up in the morning with frizzy hair or reddened and irritated skin, here is the solution: change the covers of your pillow with satin ones. Also, with this material, you will wake up combed every morning. I already have mine!

13. Change shampoo according to season

Choosing the shampoo and conditioner depending on the time of the year and the state of your hair is essential. And it is that each time of the year needs different care. From the age of 40 choose an anti-aging line since these lines nourish and restore the shine of youth, also softening dry, brittle or aged hair. Among its components are completely organic and also have different amino acids with antioxidant power to the scalp.


I hope this blog has provided you with enough tricks to care for hair. Following the above tips will help you to make your hair healthy and shiny this year 2020. Additionally, it improves the texture of your hair. So, start applying these tricks to your daily regime and start getting excellent results. Yougee Cosmorganic offers organic hair products that contain natural ingredients and make your hair smooth, strong and shiny.

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