The exact formula to accelerate hair growth is one of the greatest enigmas in this world. We are sure that you will all have heard (and, of course, tried) a thousand and one tricks and treatments to make your hair grow, for example, cut the ends every two months. But, attention spoilers! Although there are some natural hair products that you can utilize to grow hair fast, miracles do not exist.

The first thing to consider when thinking about what natural hair products to use to accelerate hair growth is that there are many reasons why our hair grows slower than average, even if it falls more than usual for reasons that They range from stress to poor diet. The reduced circulation of blood, tobacco, alcohol, and abuse of dryers and irons also affects our hair, so we must have controlled hair loss with unique hair loss products.

In addition, you should know that the hair growth process is divided into three phases (growth, intermediate phase, and fall) and also influences how it grows. Typically, it is growing for 2 to 3 years but this period may be shorter for, among other reasons, genetic reasons, so the hair does not have so much time to grow.

Now, if your goal is to look ‘hot’ this summer, we want to help you. From Yougee Cosmorganic, as experts in organic hair care products, we compile a series of guidelines and natural hair products to accelerate hair growth and also help you make your hair look brighter, hydrated and in good condition, in short, to make your Mane grow more and better.


It is already known that prevention is better than cure so, first of all, we are going to give you a series of rules to follow to prevent your hair from breaking in the growth phase.

Use Yougee Nutrition Full Hair masks

At a minimum, once a week and in summer, even two or three times a week since the hair tends to dry much more (and it breaks easier). In this case, it is advisable to use specialized products for damaged and brittle hair. Using Yougee hair mask can strengthen the hair from the root and thus can grow healthy and active.

Shampoo Hair with Correct Product

Use a suitable shampoo for your hair to facilitate styling. At Yougee, we have Yougee nourishing shampoo which will help you untangle your hair. Moreover, we offer natural hair products, so it does not pull or break the hair.

Forget the dryer

Say goodbye to the iron and the dryer this summer as the heat applied directly to the hair damages the cuticle and the inner axis of the hair.

Start using Macadamia Oil

Oil is an ideal natural hair product that helps to make hair shiny. So, before washing your hair with shampoo use Yougee Macadamia oil which helps to avoid your hair from damage. 

Rinse your hair after taking a dip in the pool or beach

Chlorine and sea salt dehydrate the hair, dry the hair and tend to break more.


Once you use natural hair products and manage to prevent your hair from breaking as much as possible. Try to accelerate hair growth to get that hair that takes your breath away with the one you always dreamed of.

Use natural products

One of the basic tricks to accelerate hair growth is to take care of your hair with chemical-free natural products (yes, we know it is complicated because all types of shampoos sold in supermarkets carry chemicals) but it is advisable to opt for natural products by Yougee Cosmorganic. Of course, color your hair; the best thing is that these are also natural.

Massage your hair

A practical method to stimulate hair growth is to massage it every time you shower gently. In this way, your blood flow from the scalp will increase, thus promoting hair growth.

Brush frequently

At least 3 times a day. It is another way to get blood flow activated, and more nutrients reach the root of the hair. Of course, make sure you brush with a brush without pulls that gently detangles and does not break the hair.

Rinse with cold water

Before getting out of the shower, give your hair one last soak with cold water, seal the hair cuticles and get your hair to grow faster.


Are you stress over not getting your hair get longer? Are you hair getting damaged? Then, do not worry about it anymore! As today, we have come up with some natural hair products and tricks which can help to accelerate the growth of hair. Read the blog entirely and enlighten with the methods and products to start growing your hair.                                                                   

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