Winter is a season of the year that can be very damaging to our hair if we don’t take the right measures.

During the winter we have the habit of taking baths and showers with the hottest water. This causes the high temperatures of the water to end up removing the oil from the scalp, also known as hydrolipidic mantle, a protective layer of the scalp that has the function of lubricating it while protecting the strand, keeping it hydrated. With the removal of this natural oil, the hair can be left with a dry, brittle appearance and with split ends, so you have to take extreme care in winter.

But what steps to follow?

Hot water is the worst enemy for Hair

One of the main enemies of our locks during winter is hot water. Dehydrating the strand increases the fall and causes scaling of the scalp. In many cases this peeling is confused with dandruff.

Solution: you can shower with hot water but instead of leaving your hair wet during the whole bath, leave the washing of your mane for the end. Protect them with a plastic shower cap to prevent it from getting wet early. Once you have finished the bath or shower, start the hygiene of your mane. It is not the same to expose the hair to hot water for 20 or 30 minutes than just to leave it during the last minutes of the bath.

Excess fat in Scalp

During winter we reduce the frequency of washing our beautiful mane. By not sweating as much as in summer it is normal for us to last clean longer, but this small delay can cause, in the long term, an increase in scalp fat.

Solution: Do not take so long to wash your flock and when it is done, do not use very hot water. You have to have similar hygiene habits at all times of the year.

Brittle and Damaged hair during winters 

It is normal for chemical processes to be one of the biggest factors in hair breakage during winter. The cold also causes the strand to harden and break more easily.

Solution: After applying dye or wicks, it is important to deeply hydrate the hair. It is also advisable not to leave the house with wet hair since the water that remains in the strand solidifies, facilitating the breakage of the strand.

Lack of bright Hair?

There are people who only hydrate the hair during the summer. Others leave the mask for 5 minutes while they shower and rinse, a habit extended in Spain and that is unthinkable in countries where hair is pampered and taken care of as the main exponent of a person’s image. They are made up of several scales called cuticles; hot water, lack of hydration, improper use of dyes and wicks cause the scales to open. Hair with an open cuticle rejects daylight, in addition to losing its natural keratin, hence the absence of shine.

Solution: do not leave care routine for the last minute. Hydrate the hair throughout the year between twice a month, leaving the mask to rest for 30 minutes and giving it heat to strengthen its penetration. Strengthen these care with specific hair treatments in the salon.

Dryer for Hair, yes or no? 

Normally, during the winter the dryer becomes our ally. The problem comes when we use a very high temperature and leave the nozzle of the dryer very close to the hair for a long time.

Solution: so that the dryer does not damage them, lower the temperature and do not expose it very close to the strand. Once you have finished drying, run the dryer with cold air throughout your mane. This will help the scales opened by heat close with cold air.

Hair loss

Winter is the season which increases hairfall. Our predisposition to eat foods with more fat and our immune system is exposed to cold, causes that increase the hairfall.

Solution: avoid stress, go to the doctor to recommend vitamins for your beautiful mane and put into practice all these cares.

Hair accessories

Caps, hats and berets contribute to give a chic touch to your look, but the constant and restless use makes the hair not breathe, causing a proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Solution: do not use the same model every day, change. Wash these supplements and those that cannot get wet, leave them lying on sunny days to catch air, so mushroom proliferation will be avoided. The use of hats, berets or caps with wet hair is not recommended.


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