Have you ever strive to color your hair but get disappointed as it did not twirl out the way as predicted? Well this most likely has taken place as you each misused or did not utilize it.  Do you really want to get the salon-like hair color at the console of your residence? Then, you are required to study the product and use it flawlessly. Keep understanding to get more acquaintance about it.

What is Hair Developer and what it is exploited for?

It is an oxidant cream which encloses the hydrogen peroxide. Additionally, it helps out in opening up the cuticle of hair that agrees to the color to profound go through into hair and last for a great time. It is essential to make use of the developer when you color the hair. So, check out the whole blog to find out more about the hair color cream to prevent hair from damage presented by Yougee Cosmorganic.

Advantages of Hair Developer

There are a numeral of motives which give to the outcome of the developer:

1. Activation: When being assorted with the hair color, the hair developer makes active the color to offer exceptional results.

2. Consistency: The developer is mixed up with the hair color to form the consistent and broad paste, which is easier to pertain and grasp on to your hair without any drenched.

3. Color Delivery: The hydrogen peroxide in the hair developer open the hair cuticle that facilitates in the hair dye and set down color into the hair.

4. Color Removal: The cuticle unfastens up the accomplishment of the developer and helps out up in eradicating the natural color of the hair.

5. Better Results: Making use of the hair developer outcome in the longer lifelong as well as pigmented hair color.

Now, let us be completely clear that the hair developer can’t skip while coloring the hair. So, now i am going to succinct you as regards how you can decide on the correct one according to your desires.

Well, skipping the hair developer while coloring your hair is not an option. So, now have a look at how you can choose the accurate developer as per your hair color needs.

How to decide on the perfect Hair Developer for your hair?

Selecting the right volume of the developer is essential for acquiring the preferred hair color. An assortment of deliberation level of the hydrogen peroxide accessible in the developer has been articulated either in the amount or percentage units. If the level of concentration is higher, the result of the hair developer will be sure long-lasting after the hair color.

Also, the level of concentration of the developer, the type of hair color, quality of hair, degree of lightening, and kind of hair plays a vital role in how your color of hair turns out. Keeping this in mind, now let us discover how to select the right developer as per on several factors:

Degree of Darkening/Lightening

You need to choose the hair developer as per the degree to which you want to darken or lighten up your hair. Mainly 3% of the hydrogen peroxide in the developer attains 1 degree of darkening or lightening.

Type of Color

You need to decide the developer as per the category of the hair color you are going to exploit. There are different types of hair colors, such as temporary, permanent or lighteners. The temporary hair color needs the weak or no developers, the permanent hair color needs a moderate kind of cream, and the lighteners require the active volume developers.

Kind of Hair

As several kinds of hair react due to the hair color in several ways. Besides, your hair type establishes the preference of the hair cream. You are necessary to employ the low volume hair color cream with the light hair color on the all right hair as color develops faster into it.  For the usual kind of hair, you can easily exploit the volume suggested by the color of the hair. Utilizing the higher volume hair color cream on the thick hair as it is much challenging to darken or lighten the hair.

Quality of Hair

The quality of the hair impacts the choice of your hair color cream. Thus, healthy hair reacts typically to the hair color. The healthy hair reacts typically to the hair. You can make use of the suggested volume of the developer. For the permeable hair,  you are require to opt for the lower or higher volume hair developers; It depends on how light or dark you wish for your hair to be. The porous hair takes up the hair color rapidly. But, the color loses color away speedily. Thus, you are require to decide on the lower volume developer for lightening up the porous hair and higher volume for the darkening of the hair.


Are you searching for the best hair color cream for your hair? Then Yougee Cosmorganic presents phytones developer which formulates for use with the phythones hair color cream. It has a natural gentle formula and combines with the phytoil technology and preserves the hair from the damage at the time of coloring. Moreover, the cream is much tender and helps in making the hair healthy and shiny.

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