Preventing hair loss is something that worries many people. After all, hair loss is a health problem and an aesthetic issue that can significantly affect self-esteem.

Although many natural and conventional remedies promise miraculous results, most of them do not offer the desired results.

In this blog, we share 9 honest and straightforward tips to prevent hair loss without spending money.

It is worth trying!

Does hair loss have a solution?

Hair loss can be related to many factors. If it is a hereditary issue, it is tough to avoid it. However, it is possible to prevent hair loss.

In many cases, there are other factors, such as food, circulation, or stress that can significantly influence, and that, therefore, can be improved so as not to lose so much hair.

Tips to prevent hair loss

1. Reduce salt intake

Although it may seem surprising, reducing salt intake can help prevent and reduce hair loss.

Salt, in excess, damages the kidneys and, therefore, a function of the organism related to the balance of minerals.

We must also avoid overly salty foods, especially those that are made with table salt or common salt.

We will consume sea ​​salt or Himalayan salt in small quantities and enhance the seasoning of spicy dishes. 

2. Hair massages

Activating the circulation of the scalp is an excellent remedy at no cost to prevent hair loss and to have a stronger and healthier mane.

This massage should be of medium intensity:

With the fingertips, we will make small circles pressing a little to move the scalp.

We will start at the area closest to the forehead, and we will go forward to the neck. We will do it for about 10 minutes every day.

We can use if we wish, a mixture based on vegetable oils (coconut, castor, olive, jojoba) and essential oils (rosemary, lavender, cinnamon, mint).

We will let them act on our scalp throughout the night, and in the morning, we will wash our hair regularly.

3. Daily brushing

The grandmothers said that to have a healthy, beautiful, and abundant hair, you had to brush every night a hundred times.

This ancient remedy, which sounds more like a legend, has a solid base and is to activate the circulation and spread the hair sebum.

If we use a wooden brush and natural bristles every day for a few minutes, we can see satisfactory and evident results in a couple of weeks.

We can do it as if we normally combed, from front to back, and also tilting our head forward, to do so from the nape to the centre of the head.

4. Dress with lemon juice

In some cases, hair loss may be related to iron deficiency anaemia. Losing hair is one of the most frequent symptoms when we have an iron deficiency.

Iron-based supplements should always be taken under medical prescription, as they have health side effects that the specialist physician should assess.

In some cases, hair loss may be related to iron deficiency anaemia. Losing hair is one of the most frequent symptoms when we have an iron deficiency.

However, no other way to facilitate the assimilation of iron and combining the food with vitamin C.

To achieve this without any cost, we suggest dressing the dishes always with fresh lemon juice, rich in this vitamin, to better assimilate the iron present in food.

5. Turn your face down

Putting yourself several minutes a day in an inverted posture, with the head lower than the rest of the body, is also a simple technique to prevent alopecia and also to improve many other mental functions.

It is, in short, a remedy to prevent ageing.

6. Sleep well

If we are not resting well at night, from insomnia or from sleeping a few hours, that could be the cause of hair loss.

For this reason, it is essential to improve the quality of night rest. 

7. Avoid stress

The stress is the epidemic of this century and the great enemy of health because it unbalances throughout the body and causes symptoms such as hair loss, among many others.

End stress by changing things in your life, prioritizing what is important, and enjoying the little things of everyday life.

8. Consider Your Diet

Consuming protein is a building block of tissues in the body that incorporates hair. Ensure that you are including adequate protein in your diet chart. Moreover, the best source of protein is an egg, milk, and fish. Additionally, you should eat the food which is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids like salmon and mackerel around three times a week, sprinkle a tablespoon of two freshly ground flaxseed on salads or cereal every day.

9. Leave Bad habits

Smoking reduces circulation in the body, and this incorporates the flow of blood to the scalp. Thus drinking caffeine and alcohol will surely hamper the immune system and result in causing further fallout in hair. So, leave all the bad habits to preserve the loss of your hair. The other bad habit of human beings is not drinking adequate water. So, staying hydrated is key in tissue growth as well as health. Moreover, the hairstreak itself is made up of the water. Evade the sparkling soda, which can wane your immune system and formulate your hair more likely to be fall out. 

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Do you have any other tips? What do you think of these tips to prevent hair loss? Please share us with your valuable comments.

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