On the street, freezing temperatures and wind. Inside, butt heating and ultra-dry environment. And the hair, spoiled, dehydrated. Curled and dull. And all because of that contrast. Winter is a capillary challenge. That’s why we bring you eight tricks to protect the hair from the cold. They are simple and surely will help you.

Protect hair from the cold: The perfect wash

In winter, normally, we wash our hair less because, having less sweat, it is not so necessary. Please do not feel guilty about it because there is an essential and simple rule. Hair is washed when needed, that is when it is dirty.

Of course, if you practice sports, you will have to clean it after training, to avoid the accumulation of waste and sweat.

In the cold season, choose an organic shampoo that has moisturizing components and does not overdo the amounts. The astringent properties of the foam favor the static electricity of the hair take advantage and give yourself a massage on the scalp.

Protecting hair from the cold also means being careful with the temperature of the water … hot. Even if you feel like taking a hot shower while the thermometers go down in the street, it is preferable that when washing your hair do it with warm water.

If it is sweltering, this can cause an increase in porosity. And that’s why the hair dries out. Also, boiling water can even damage the skin of the scalp and sweep away natural oils. It also inflames the sebaceous glands and favors, again, the appearance of dandruff.

The ultimate trick is to make the last rinse with cold water. You will get the cuticle sealed.

Dryer? Yes man, yes, but well used

Let us recognize that nobody wants to let the hair dry in the air in winter. One is frozen; moisture takes hours to remove and is very uncomfortable. That is why a dryer is a tool that we feel is essential on these dates. But we also know the damage that heat can cause on our hair. It affects its natural structure and spoils the fiber. And that’s why it takes on that hard look and the tips open.

Boiling water increases the porosity of the hair. Wash it warm

To protect the hair from the cold, it is not necessary to condemn the dryer at the bottom of the drawer and leave it there until spring arrives. We give you some ideas to use them. Wrap your head in a towel and leave it for a while, while you dry your body or do other tasks. When left for a few minutes, it will absorb moisture, and that will shorten the minutes of use of the dryer.

Another essential element is the thermal protector. Apply it to all hair before turning on the dryer. Place the nozzle about 15-20 centimeters from the head and do not put it at maximum temperature. Better with cold or warm air. Even if it takes a little longer.

Make masks your best friends

We don’t like being a spoiler, but someone has to say it. With being heated at home and in the office, and going outside with the cold “polar” hair becomes very dehydrated, it becomes porous and dull.   If you live in a place with humidity, the hair will inflate and become frizzy. And if it is also freezing, the hair strands will contract, and that will allow it to break easily. A wonder, right?

Well, in any case, let’s apply the logic. If it’s a hydration problem … let’s drink it! Hydrate your hair with moisturizing organic masks at least once a month (more if necessary). And it applies conditioners that allow it to recover its structure and be able to store the water it needs.

Renew hair 

It does not hurt to consult with an expert what kind of treatment can help you protect the hair from the cold, according to your characteristics. Find out about procedures such as hair cautery. Winter is an excellent time to get treatment. Else, you can switch to organic hair care products.

Nor is it too much that you go to a hairdresser, for a cut that will leave it ready and sanitized.

Beware of caps and pigtails

It is not that you do not wear hats or hats, with how well one goes with a warm head. Just be careful to wear them on dehydrated hair. Just like cholesterol and other hair accessories. Of course, be cautious because the caps favor frizz.

Drink more 

If not more, drink enough. To protect the hair from the cold, you have to hydrate it. And hydration starts inside. You know, between 1.5 and 2 liters a day (they count infusions and soups).

Avoid frizz

If the frizz of the hair comes with winter and when you look at it it seems that you have put the fingers in an outlet, it is time to apply products that will help keep frizz at bay, such as serum and hair oil.

Winter meals

It is not that you abandon yourself to wine jugs and roasts as if you were a resident of Winterfell in the tavern. Follow a healthy and balanced diet, with legumes, lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. Everything will help you protect your hair from the cold, maintain healthy hair, and not only in winter but throughout the year.


Do you want to protect your hair from the cold? Then, the blog contains superb 8 tricks that you can use to make your hair shiny and healthy this winter. Switch to the organic hair care products offered by Yougee Cosmorganic which are free from chemicals.

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