We all recognize beautiful hair as soon as we see it: bright, kinky and very healthy. However, women usually think that time and hundreds of chemicals are required for this. But with these practical and straightforward tricks, we assure you that having healthy and silky hair will be a matter of 10 minutes.

Despite the belief that we need to have a hair surgery or intensive hydration to make our hair look shiny and healthy, reality has shown that it is not. You only need to perform certain daily practices that will ensure healthy and wave-free hair.

We went from long hair to a slightly softer look.

However, having short hair means very delicate care, and usually, those who opt for this cut tend to neglect it.

Therefore, with this blog, we bring you 7 simple tricks that will make you look beautiful. In a few weeks, you will notice the differences. The shine will be evident, and you will feel how little by little, the hair heals. You will not need excellent chemicals or harmful products.

1. The first enemy is the shampoo

The most common way is to bring all the hair to the top of the head and wash with shampoo. However, this not only causes it to become entangled but also that the tips dry out. This happens especially if you have curly hair.

Take advantage that you have naturally straight hair thanks to water! Apply the shampoo evenly, from the root to the tips. This allows natural oils to collaborate with the effects of the product so that when leaving the shower, the shine is the first to stand out. In the same way, you should use shampoos WITHOUT SALT, since this is one of the most harmful elements. This is the primary key to having silky hair.

2. Use a comb when it is wet and a brush when it is dry 

It sounds a bit tedious to have to use two combs, but it ‘s the best thing if you want your hair not to sponge. Changing the look is never easy, and we know that. But this is a trick that few people know, but that several recognized stylists recommend.

How to apply this tactic?


You should only use a comb when it is wet and change to a brush when the hair is dry. With the comb, you have to untangle the knots that form after the bath. You must do this from the bottom up. With that, you will ensure that the knots do not concentrate on the tips and thus do not break. Then, when dry, calm the frizz with a brush.

3. Say NO to towels in your hair if you want to have silky hair

No, no and no. We want to be emphatic with this because it is one of the main reasons why hair gets dirty and tangled. We believe that by “drying” our hair with this tactic, we are avoiding the moisture left over after the bath.  This action creates friction that sponges the tips and generates hairpins.  And when they are open, they cause the hair to look lifeless and without movement.

The answer? Change your wet towel that causes frizz for a softer cotton shirt. And instead of rubbing your hair, wrap the ends with the shirt and squeeze out all the water. It is the easiest way to get rid of head weight.

4. It always ends with cold

 Whether you are drying your hair or washing it, the heat – in both cases – affects our scalp incredibly. The solution for this is:

Before finishing the shower:  stay one minute under cold water. This will close the roots and make your hair recover from the heat.

For when you use the dryer:  No hot air! Although we know it dries faster, this causes irreparable damage. Also, if you use cold air, your hair will look much brighter and have more movement.

This is the key to the perfect short hair look.

5. Add sodium bicarbonate in the shampoo

Baking soda increases the level of surfactants, which gives it a bit more color and silky texture. Also, it will open the cuticle a little more, helping to remove dirt residues. However, if you have dyed hair, we do not recommend applying this tactic every day. It is best to implement them only once a week. The other days use your regular shampoo.

6. Sleep in pillowcases made of silk

If you currently use a cotton pillowcase, that could be the cause of your curly or matted hair. It makes sense if you think about it: a soft pillowcase like silk gives you what it takes to have silky and healthy hair.  While cotton absorbs all moisture from its strands.

The great thing about this type of fabric is that they maintain the necessary oils for a hydrated mane.

7.Care your diet

 We will not get tired of repeating this but: food is the basis of everything! Even if you expect to have silky hair.

It’s harder to have healthy oils in your hair if you don’t have them in your body. That’s why it ‘s essential to eat healthy fats like nuts, avocados, and salmon.  This will help keep your lipids higher. It will even be an Omega 3 supplement that is ideal for your body.

It may seem silly, but few people comply with this technique. And we regret to report that if we do not eat well, we cannot expect to have shiny and healthy hair. The good thing about this is that they are dishes that feed us and but do not have a large caloric load. Which means you won’t get fat if you eat them regularly.


If you want to accomplish silky and healthy hair then use the shampoo offered by Yougee Cosmorgnic. We provide organic hair products that keep your hair away from harmful chemicals and make it shiny.

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